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Auteur:  Jeroen [ do jan 29, 2009 11:19 pm ]
Berichttitel:  Points

Iemand hier enig idee hoe het puntensysteem (zoals in BoB) werkte in de US Army? Waar kreeg je punten voor, wanneer mocht je naar huis, gold dit voor iedere eenheid?

Graag met bron (als je die hebt...) :wink:

Auteur:  Wilco_Vermeer [ do jan 29, 2009 11:50 pm ]

Bij de Army Air Froce werkte het met aantallen operationele sorties, dus aanvalsvluchten. Ik kan me voorstellen, maar weet het niet zeker dat het bij de grondtroepen op soortgelijke wijze werkte, maar dan in aantalle dagen in daadwerkelijk contact met vijandelijke troepen.

Auteur:  Whoa Mahomet [ vr jan 30, 2009 12:53 am ]

Misschien heb je wat aan de volgende info:

Adjusted Service Rating (ASR) is the “Point System” as initially proposed by General George C. Marshall, and amended by Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson on May 10, 1945 (introduced May 12) . The Adjusted Service Rating Score (ASRS), was based on the “Point System”, whereby a soldier was awarded a number of Points for his months of service, for the medals he received, for the combat stars earned by his unit, and for the number of children he had … the higher the score, the higher the probability to be sent home for demobilization and discharge ! The “Credit” or “Points” were indicated and totalled on the Adjusted Service Rating Card (ASRC), W.D., A.G.O., Form N°.163 – these cards were filled by Army Personnel Offices and checked by the individual serviceman before being signed and sent in . At the end of WWII, servicemen were constantly harassing Company Clerks to get their Adjusted Service Rating Cards corrected and updated (subject Cards listed Service Credit + Overseas Credit + Combat Credit + Parenthood Credit) .

”Points” for discharge from the Army were to be totalled as follows :

1. Each Month in Service……………………………………………. 1 Point
2. Each Month in Service Overseas …………………………………1 Point
3. Each Combat Award (including each Medal and each Bronze Service
Star, or battle participation star) ……………………………………..5 Points
4. Each dependent Child under 18 (maximum 3 Children) …….…… 12 Points

The magic number of “Points” to be obtained was 85!!!!

Maar zoals in de tekst te zien is zit hier nog wel wat variatie in.


Auteur:  Jeroen [ vr jan 30, 2009 2:07 pm ]

Bedankt, ik kwam deze sites ook nog tegen:
- ... 451AAB8M39
- ... orld_War_2
- ... ystem.html

Nu heb ik alleen iemand die beweert dat zijn vader bij 76 punten al naar huis mocht... :|

Ben benieuwd of iemand nog een boek heeft waar dit in staat vermeld.

Auteur:  Whoa Mahomet [ vr jan 30, 2009 5:57 pm ]

Nu heb ik alleen iemand die beweert dat zijn vader bij 76 punten al naar huis mocht...

Ik geloof deze bewering wel zie onderstaande tekst.

After V-J Day, the Critical Score was already down to 80 Points, and in response to political pressures (Bring the Boys home !) repeated downward revisions were to follow . Critical scores were set for Army Ground Forces, Army Service Forces, Army Air Forces, Women’s Army Corps, holders of the Medal of Honor, and married members of the WAC . Enlisted Men would be processed at 22 Reception Centers, and if non-essential, would be transferred to Separation Centers, where they would be discharged in 48 hours ...

Interim minimum score for eligibility for Discharge of Enlisted Men – this score is not final, the final score for Discharge will be based on a complete tabulation of Points of all Soldiers – it is expected to be the same or slightly lower > 85 Points .

Interim minimum score for eligibility for Discharge of Enlisted WACs > 44 Points .

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